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Clovers Safety Services provides Health and Safety Courses. Directive Communication is training and Organizational Development Psychology developed by Arthur F Carmazzi that affect how people act and react in groups and teams. It is a foundational science for influencing team dynamics to cultivate high-performance co-operative work cultures and leadership across any discipline within an organization. The Direct Communication methodology incorporates the latest breakthroughs in motivational and genetic psychology and then applies them in improving groups and corporate culture, Team Development and workforce.
Organizational Culture is influenced by the actions of a leader or the way organizational policy is enforced. This creates an environment that people react to. The organizational culture is perpetuated by emotions associated with the reactions and how people deal with those emotions.
To change a culture, leaders or concerned individuals must understand the reasons why they are being affected. Directive Communication teaches how to minimize “reaction” within the organization and create intelligent “action”. It provides a system to apply the psychology so that people can use more of their natural talents to help themselves and the people around them to be more successful and nurture co-operation and passion at work.



Being Right
• How your Environment affects you
• History of Directive Communication and Psychology
• Focus & the ‘RAS’
• Why you are right
• Blame Encoded Assumptions and rules of engagement
• When the Reptilian Brain takes over
• Circle of Tolerance – Breaking your Barriers
Colored Brain
• Colored Glass Syndrome
• The CBCI & Employee productivity enhancement
• Organizational Colors
• The color of leadership
• Colored questions
Emotional Drive
• Inspired by progress-personal competency development
• Leading the pyramid
• Communication influence
• Human driving forces
• The ice-berg of perception
• The eight human drives
• Emotional Triggers
Mind and Body
• Postures
• The Warrior
• Child
• The Lover
• Emperor
• Angel
• Beggar
Directing Focus
• Directive Questioning
• Creating Future Memories
• The Super – Hero Coach
• Language
• Super Decisions Making
• Solving Problems


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