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IBOEHS- OSHA Construction Industry Standards

IBOEHS –OSHA Construction Industry Standard provides basic knowledge of Health and Safety requirements at the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) govern the workplace by imposing standards and regulations, of which the employer is responsible for being in compliance.  Failure to be in compliance cannot only result in a financial penalty but could be the cause of a death/injury-producing accident.   



  •  An Act
  •   Congressional Findings & Purpose
  •   Definitions
  •   Applicability of this Act
  •   Duties – General Duty Clause
  •   Occupational Health & Safety Standards
  •   Advisory Committees: Administration
  •   Inspections, Investigations, & Records
  •   Citations
  •  Procedure for Enforcement
  •  Judicial Review
  •  Safety & Health Review Commission
  •  Counteract Imminent Danger
  •  Representation in Civil Litigation
  •  Confidentiality of Trade Secrets
  •  Variations, Tolerances, & Exceptions
  •  Penalties
  • State Jurisdiction and State Plans
  •  Federal Agency Safety Programs
  •  Research and Related Activities
  •  Training and Employee Education
  •  NIOSH
  •  Grants to States
  •  Statistics
  •  Audits
  •  Annual Report
  •  National Commission-State W.C.
  •  Economic Assistance to Small Business
  •  Additional Assist. to Secretary of Labor
  •  Additional Positions
  •  Rescinded
  •  Separability
  •  Appropriations



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